Something minor

Not really done a lot this week so I have little to entertain or inform you with.

I have been to the cinema a few times and can give you some very short reviews.

Three Musketeers – Fun, well shot sword fights.  Not quite as mad as the trailers make it out to be.  Won’t be regarded as a classic but will pass the time in an entertaining way.

The Adventures of Tintin – a great fun romp.  Just like the kind of family friendly adventure films they used to make in the 80’s but do do so much any more.  I’ll almost certainly be picking up the Blu Ray.

Real Steel – Very entertaining.  Huge robots, a decent family story, well worth your time.


Apart from that, I’ve not really done a lot.  But to keep you entertained, allow me to point you at a review of He-Man and She-Ra – The Secret of the Sword by the wonderful Anne of Pornokitsch.

She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword Moral the Second: talking swords always tell the truth.

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