The Time is Approaching

So, it’s only 4 days to ovember 5th.  For m uch of Britain that will mean bonfires, fireworks and the burning of effigies of a failed terrorist who has regained some popularity due to a movie of a comic book.

For me, it’s the start of a project that seemed like such a good idea when it was announced a week ago.

One short story a day, hung on a singular narrative that will link them all.  And the stories would be based on titles and objects suggested by anyone who wanted to.

Like I say, it seemed like such a good idea.

Then I came up with the over-arcing story, the first few titles and objects proved no real problem.  Then things got a bit more specific in regards to objects and I became very glad I had chosen to go sci fi and not fantasy.  Because as creative as I am, even I would really struggle to fit a Monty Python VHS into a feudal/medieval landscape.

But, People have been kind enough to suggest a good number of titles, so I have to keep up my end of the bargain and turn them into stories.  Hopefully I’l get some more as this goes on.

So, 4 days to go.  The struggle between the Greasers, Lightboys and Crew is about to begin.  Where will it end?  I honestly don’t know, that all depends on the titles.

Oh, and now there’s an alien spaceship to weave in.  This could be fun.


If you would like to add to the growing list of titles, pop along to the challenge post here and have your say.

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