“Pleasure!” screamed the Spider

The speaker was in full flow and Jack felt himself getting caught up in the moment.  He hadn’t wanted to come along, to waste his precious off time listening to another rabble-rouser.  But she was different.  Her passion was no less than others he’d seen, but she made sense.

All the others had been too vague, no specifics, no actual plan that Jack could sink his teeth into and examine.

She did.

She spoke of exactly how he and his fellow Greasers were responsible for life above; she gave them the details on how each machine worked for those Domesiders.

Then she told them exactly how to make the most disruption with the smallest amount of effort on their part and the least damage to the machinery.  This last part had finally convinced Jack.  Previous speakers had just wanted to smash the machines, destroy them so that Greasers could be free.

To Jack, that made them idiots who had no idea about how life truly worked.

The woman held up a curved object in her hand, it was green.  “This is a banana!  This banana is the revolution if we do not work to plan.”

Jack smiled, he could see where this was going.

“A banana only ripens in its own time.  It cannot be rushed.  If you pick it too soon it is foul and unwanted.  So too the revolution must happen slowly and in its own time.  Because if we wait for it to ripen, then we gain the one thing Domesiders deny you.”

Jack felt the tension in the room rise as those assembled waited for her to tell them that one thing.

She waited, letting the moment ripen on its own, then, as the tension ready to snap she screamed “Pleasure!”

The crowd erupted.

(c) Robert Spalding 2011

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