Do I Know You?

Capp watched Markus enviously through the grate.  It made sense that Markus wear the stolen Lightboy clothes, of course it did.  He had better posture and after several washes he actually looked like a Lightboy in those stolen clothes.  It didn’t mean that Capp couldn’t be a bit envious of his friend.

Their mission was vital to the rebellion.  Or was it a resistance?  Capp wasn’t sure which one they were calling it.

Either way, it was definitely important.  He just didn’t know why.

Markus stepped away from his place against the wall and Capp got ready.  His friend had seen a potential target.

Markus smoothed down the thin material of his suit and stepped in front of a woman who suddenly looked eager to be anywhere but there.

“Grace, right?”

“Sorry, do I know you?” the woman sounded confused and a little scared.

“You’re Grace, yeah?  Friend of Mags?”  Markus kept edging the woman nearer the grate, which Capp was slowly easing out of the way.

“No, I’m not Grace.  Please let me go.”

Markus looked puzzled but still kept herding the woman to the now open grate.

“You sure you’re not Grace?  Look like Grace.  Not lying ‘a me are you?”  His hand went into the suit’s front pocket, which was where real Lightboys kept their weapons.

“I’m not, I swear I’m not!”  The woman clearly wanted to say more, but she stepped back into the gap where the grate should be and fell into the vent.

As she fell, Capp hooked bungee cords attached to the walls to her clothes. She came to a stop, only bouncing off the walls twice.

With a whoop Markus slid into the vent and they shut the grate before carrying their prize into Downbelow.

©  Robert Spalding 2011

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