The Thief Cried Wolf

Gnat was fascinated by the feather in the hat of the man who stood before him.  Birds were so rare in the City, feathers were like gold dust.  Casually wearing one was a sure sign of vast wealth.

Gnat felt his rich detector pinging insistently in his mind.  He had been right; this apartment should be the score to retire on.


The climb hadn’t been too strenuous, the building was near to the edge of the Dome and hooking a ride on a sky train hadn’t been too hard – he’d done it before.  Then it had been a matter of structure climbing to get above the building and dropping down in a grav-pac.

Allo’s information had been solid. Gnat hadn’t believed a building in Groose Sector would ever be worth his efforts initially.  It was though, such riches it held, the score of a lifetime.

And he’d never get any of it.


“I’m impressed.” Feather man said “You beat almost all of my security measures.  Just one more and you could have walked out a very rich man.”

Just one!  Gnat could almost weep.

“So then, I might find a use for a man with your talents.  Or I might space you.  Haven’t decided yet.  Tell me your name.”

“I’m The Wolf.” Said Gnat.  “I’m a legend, a thief without compare.  You could certainly use me.”

Feather man stared at him for a moment and then burst into laughter.

“What?  What’s so funny?”

“It’s a bold gambit.  And it only falls down on one tiny detail.”

“What’s that?”

Feather man grinned widely “I am The Wolf.”

Gnat felt his heart try to escape through his mouth.

“But I can use a man with your balls.”




©  Robert Spalding 2011

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