The Toxicity of Sunlight

Samm gave the deflated beach ball a sad look.  He was supposed to be at the RecycleSea with Cara right now.  Instead he was planning how to infect a million people.

“We need something that will keep the Greasers in Downbelow and the simplest way is to make it deadly for them to come to Domeside.”  Harris, the Lab Chief spoke with a tremor, trying to keep the horror of the act they were planning out of his voice.

“What do you suggest?”

Samm and Harris had spent the last few days working on the simplest idea.  “We have to make starlight, any kind of natural light, deadly to the Greasers.”

Shock tinged with acceptance filled the room.  The others knew it was the one stroke solution.


Harris was sweating; Samm could see he wouldn’t make it through this, he would have to step up.

“First we have to find a way to make starlight toxic to them.  I suggest we look into melatonin and rapidly spreading cancer cells.  Once we have something fast acting, we can talk delivery method.”

“You want to give all of the Greasers a severe cancerous reaction to starlight?”  The speaker sounded ill.

“I don’t want to.  Command has given the word, Greasers have to be made to stay in Downbelow.  This is the best idea we’ve had so far.  If anyone has a better, that will be as effective, please, speak up now.”  Samm heard the note of desperation in his voice.  He’d take a better solution with both hands if there was one.

No-one spoke up.  He hadn’t really expected them to.

“Go get started.  Command wants this ready before a full revolution begins.”

As the his colleagues departed, Samm was left with a terrible weight in his soul.




©  Robert Spalding 2011

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