Should It Do That?

Timmon leapt over the widening chasm with a yell.  His fellow Knights who say Ni! were already there, watching fearfully.

As he sailed through the air, the huge machine sank deeper into the bowels of Downbelow.  Snaking tubes whipped through the air and one caught him on the cheek, drawing blood.

Off balance from the blow, Timmon slipped on the catwalk and fell backwards.  Desperately he twisted and managed to grab the support structure.  He bellowed for help until his friends lifted him to safety.

Out of breath, he watched as the machine dropped out of sight into the pit below before a huge shield sealed it away.

“Why did you press that button?”  Timmon bellowed at Little Michael.

“It was big and red.  Just asking to be pressed.”

“I wonder what that machine did?”  Dorn said.

The others looked worried, if they were in the right place, they had just removed a machine from under Richtown.  The wealthiest and most influential sector Domeside, and they had disrupted their lives somehow.  There would be repercussions for this.

Why would there be a button to remove a machine?  Surely it had no practical use, thought Timmon.

The Knights picked themselves up and hustled towards the vent they had snuck in through.  If they got caught, they were for it.  None of them had more than basic training and messing with Domeside life was the big no-no.

Timmon could hear raised voices as he herded the Knights to safety.

He barely had time to get inside and pull up the cover before Supervisors appeared, furious and yelling at each other.

As the Knights escaped back to their hideout, Timmon reflected that they really had struck a blow against the Domesiders.  It was just a shame they didn’t know what they had done.

©  Robert Spalding 2011

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