The Day I Cried

Mariggia Fuluvia was entertaining.

As the wealthiest and most sought after guest at any dinner party in the City, she made sure to confound expectations hosting informal gatherings of her own.  Today she had Elemia Hursh and Dominquo Brasz, two of the least sought people in respectable circles.  For no real reason, simply that Society had decided.  If Mariggia believed anything, it was that only she could decide what was right or wrong for Society.

Elemia was pouring tea from a neon pink teapot while Maraggia related a witty story.

Without warning all of the lights were extinguished.

Dominquo screamed in shock, there was a crash as Elemia dropped the teapot, Mariggia simply sighed.

The matriarch stepped lightly to the window and gasped in disbelief.  All of Richtown was dark.  For the first time in her life, Mariggia was acutely aware of the stars beyond the Dome.  They were beautiful, so wonderful that she insisted the other two join her.  Tears filled their eyes.

All three were still staring at the stars above when the lights came back.

Mariggia turned back to the room with a sigh of loss, before screaming with rage.

All of her artwork, the paintings, sculptures and laser images, were gone.  In their place a card remained.  Upon the card were two symbols, the outline of a wolf’s head and a bug of some kind.

She had been robbed by the Wolf!

Mariggia felt tears running down her cheeks.  The other two tried to comfort her but they did not understand.

With this robbery taking place while she was in the room?  She now had a story that would keep her at the top for years to come.  The joyous tears kept flowing as she explained to the others how their pariah status was over.




©  Robert Spalding 2011

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