Has Fog Lights, Really

Carv waited atop the mountain of waste for the others.  Piles of discarded and useless waste from Domeside shifted under his feet.  An oblong object, some kind of one person boat was visible.  It made Carv angry.  There wasn’t enough water below to do anything more than drink enough to stay alive and wash in the evenings, but up above they had enough spare that they could float about on it for fun.

The roar of Mik’s machine was audible in the distance, getting ever closer.

Another stupid thing; Mik’s truck had lights for fog.  Why?  They never had weather Downbelow, it had been added Domeside before being sent down to the waste pit crew.

Carv clutched the package in his hand tightly.  It had been sent by the Spider, apparently, but no-one had seen her for days.  Rumour had it that she was caught and killed, but Carv didn’t want to believe that.

The truck roared up the side of the mountain and came to a stop a few feet down.  Mik exited and so did Jack.

“You have something for me?”  The leader or the movement asked.

“Got this from my people.”  Carv held out the package, still unopened.

Jack tore it from his grasp and ripped it open.  A letter was inside.

Everything was silent for a few minutes as Jack read it.  Then the big man started to cry with laughter.  He tore up the letter and scattered it amongst the other rubbish.

“What did it say?”  Carv’s curiosity got the best of him.

“It says we’re done.  It says we’ve been played.”  Jack started to cry.

Mik help the older man back into the truck, giving Carv a worried look.

The truck tore off back down the mountain, leaving Carv alone with his anger.




©  Robert Spalding  2011

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