Never Would Have Thought

The Captain appraised his Junior Officer.  Mangin was a good man.  If he survived the blowback from this whole episode, he would be the best choice for the next Captain.

“Have a seat.”

Mangin sat.  The Captain pulled out a bottle of sake, the last remnant of the country of his ancestors from their planet of origin.

“We drink; then we start to repair our City.”

Mangin took the glass “Shouldn’t the Second Officer be here?”

“After his security force debacle, he’s sitting things out.  I should never have agreed to it.” Every death and injury because of them weighed heavily on his mind.

“Chen Li’s memorial garden opens tomorrow.”

The Captain nodded “I know.  If it weren’t for her sending us those images, we might never have known.  I will be there.”

Mangin finished his sake “Why do you think it went to all that trouble, just to destroy some plants?  Why not just start a fire?”

“We would have put out one fire.  Only by causing that much chaos could it ensure we’d never save them.”

The Captain looked out of the windows at the best view of the City from inside the Dome, the damage was still visible.  Some of it would never be repaired unless they finally found a suitable planet.

“An alien boards us, sows dissention and all to destroy some plants we mostly ignore.”

Mangin nodded “It only managed that, sir, because we have real problems that need to be addressed.”

The Captain finished his sake and nodded “I agree.  That’s why I’m promoting you.  Your first duty is to find a solution to these divides.  Nothing is off the table.”  The Captain stared out at his City and vowed it would never come to this again.

“We will make this right.”




©  Robert Spalding  2011

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