The Truth? Or Lies?

The man with a feather in his hat was the object of Officer Mangin’s disgust; being forced to meet the man who had lied and cheated the Greasers made him feel sick.  In Command meetings he had managed to distance himself from the horrible decisions being made; now he was handing money to a thief and a liar.

“My dear boy,” smiled The Wolf “do try not to grimace so.  We do this for the good of the City.  You know things had to change.”

Mangin glared.  The Greasers deserved better than the lies of this man.

“Before you hand me that envelope, tell me, who has been chosen as the sacrificial Spider?”

Mangin heard himself snarl.

“Come on boy, fair’s fair.  I broke into their chain, I slipped them the letter convincing them the rebellion had been a scam.  All I ask for is a reward.”

“If the real Spider comes back?  What then?”

The Wolf laughed “We both know the real Spider is long gone.  Completed whatever it came here to do and left us in disarray.”

“Why not just tell the Greasers the truth?”  That was what really upset Mangin.

“Would they have believed me?  Could they?  Of course not.”  The Wolf took out a yo-yo and began to play with it.  “They would have fought back even harder, believing that we thought them stupid.”

Mangin didn’t want to believe that, even though he could barely believe it and he had seen proof.  The Wolf was right; only his lie stood a chance of ending the sabotage and violence.

That didn’t make it palatable.

“All they wanted was fair treatment.”

The Wolf at him “So why not give it to them?  Why make violence their only recourse?”

Mangin had no answer.




©  Robert Spalding  2011

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