The Lucky 7

I so rarely get involved in these memes, but this one appealed.

Rules are:

Go to page 7 or 77 (or 777 if you have got that far and if so, your editing process will be hell!) in your current manuscript.

Go to line 7.

Copy down the next 7 lines or sentences and post them on your blog.

So here’s mine, from page 7, still in the prologue of my novel-in-progress.

Firstly that the ration packs would stay good for a very long time.  The second was that Torbin was going to start rotting and decaying.  He would make a terrible stench and there would be no way to escape it.

The combination of these ideas and thoughts came together in something elegant and simple.  He could stop Torbin from decaying to putrescence by eating him.  There were enough computer cases that could be disassembled to make portable toilets to store his waste in.

The first bite was disgusting.

You are supposed to tag people to do it, but I don’t do things like that – but if you like the idea, do it and leave a comment below so I can read it.


Quick edit to say:  This comes from Laura Lam, newly minted Strange Chemistry author and nice person.  Hers can be read here

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One Response to The Lucky 7

  1. Laura Lam says:

    Well, that certainly got my attention!

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