Fragments of a Decaying World – an Introduction

This is a little introduction to the post that follows this.

Fragments of a Decaying World is a series of very short, short and not short at all stories and pieces that detail the end of a world, one that is nothing like ours.

The plan is for 80 thousand words or 80 stories, whichever turns out to be more.  This is a project that I will be coming back to as and when I feel like it and until I have finished them all, most of them will not be seen by most people.

However, I do plan t post the occasional one up on this blog and if I am really proud of any, I might try sending them out for publication elsewhere.  But for the most part, this will be the only place to get a sneak peak at this series.

I would think it won’t be done for years, but whenever a new one pops up it will be because I just decided to.  No big reasons, just a feeling that it was time for a new fragment to be seen.

So, here we go.

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