Sharks! Punks! Mech Suits! Not too Proud to Beg!

Returning from my hiatus hunting wild Yetis that Surf, in Montana no less, to announce I have a new story for your reading pleasure.

I’m very late doing this as the book will be released on May 1st.


First, let’s have a look at the gorgeous cover by Simon Coleby




Yes, you read that title correctly.  Sharkpunk.

I first heard about this project at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton in 2013. I was talking to the madman behind the idea, the gently spoken and annoyingly talented Jonathan Green.  He told me he had been watching all of these shark movies popping up, Sharknado, Ghost Shark, Shark in Venice, Sharktopus and so on.  He said he had accidentally pitched the idea of an anthology called Sharkpunk based on the explosion of shark related films and to his surprise had been told by a publisher that if he put it together, they would put it out.

I started begging for a spot immediately.

I’ll admit it, I’m not too proud to beg for things I want.  And I really wanted to be part of this.  I lobbed a few ideas his way, mostly to be told that someone else was already doing them, with a character that was long running.

I suspect that was Kit Cox.

Time went by after the convention and I heard from Jon, was I still interested, did I still want to write for it?

Oh yes, I did.

And so I sat down, ready for sharks, madness, adventure, horror and more sharks and… nothing.

For weeks.  Nothing.

Finally I got the spark of an idea.  That spark became one thousand words.

Which then got dumped because it was the start to a novel.

Take two.  Dumped again.

It was getting very frustrating.  I had a world that I was really into writing about, but I could not find a story that would be short enough for the anthology.

And yet, as I’m posting about an anthology I am in, you can probably guess that I did finally solve my issues.

I have to say I have never worked harder at getting a short story completed.  Once the book is out I may well post excerpts from those early tries and explain why they just weren’t working.

Enough about me (for a moment), here’s the contents of the book and I have to say I look at those names and think “Why am I on there?”

Peter and the Invisible Shark, Jonathan Oliver
Blood in the Water, Den Patrick
The Lickspittle Leviathan, David Lee Stone
Sharkadelic, Ian Whates
Shirley, Amy & Andy Taylor
Deep Black Space, Toby Frost
The Shark in the Heart, David Tallerman
Deep Red Bells, Josh Reynolds
Sharkcop 2: Feeding Frenzy, Alec Worley
Sharkbait, Richard Salter
Goblin, Kim Lakin-Smith
Blood Relations, Andrew Lane
Feast of the Shark God, C L Werner
Le Shark, Laurel Sills
The Serial Killer Who Thought She Was a Shark, Jenni Hill
Rise of the Übershark, Robert Spalding
Swimming with the Fishes, Steven Savile
Ambergris, Kit Cox
Silent Waters, Running Deep, Gary McMahon
YOU ARE THE SHARK, Al Ewing & Sarah Peploe


Finally, if you pop over to you will find interviews with all of the authors about their stories and favourite sharks.

Oh look, here’s mine.

And one last note, on May 9th at Forbidden Planet in London, Sharkpunk is having a mass signing/launch. Come along, grab a copy and be one of the first people to ever get my signature. In fact the first book I get to sign will have my actual, literal, first ever signature.

You never know, if I am Rich And Famous one day, it might be worth something…

You can find the details here.

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