Fast Fiction

So I set myself a Fast Fiction challenge.  Below are the links to the stories and the challenge itself.

The Challenge

1.  “Pleasure” screamed the Spider

2.  Sun in the Window

3.  A Maiming at Midnight

4.  Do I know you?

5.  The Question is Why?

6.  At the Blue House

7.  Monday, The World Ends

8.  The Thief Cried Wolf

9.  If Not, Then Only

10.  Blind and Obvious Amnesty

11.  The Toxicity of Sunlight

12.  Should It Do That?

13.  The Day I Cried

14.  Fuck All Them Fuckers

15.  The Fire Hose Tango

16.  Forgetting That They Exist

17.  Wait, what laser blaster?

18.  Has Fog Lights, Really

19.  The Truth?  Or Lies?

20.  Never would have Guessed.


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