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All A Twitter

OK, so it isn’t the most original title for a blog entry, but you know what, originality on the small details isn’t always the most important. People like to recognise things and through that recognition you can drag them into … Continue reading

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My Fast Fiction Challenge

I’m going to attempt a fast fiction challenge.  You may have seen other people trying this, but I’m going to try putting my own spin on it. Here are the rules for this challenge: In the comments, give me a … Continue reading

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Something minor

Not really done a lot this week so I have little to entertain or inform you with. I have been to the cinema a few times and can give you some very short reviews. Three Musketeers – Fun, well shot … Continue reading

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Telling Stories

If I’ve met you, if you have spent more than half an hour with me, the odds are good that I’ve told you a story.  If you’ve spent longer than 2 hours with me, I’ve certainly told you a story.  … Continue reading

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Submission Follies

So on Sunday night I emailed off my second ever attempt to get into an anthology. The first attempt was rejected because the editor disliked the central narrative arc – that the protagonist was already too late to stop the … Continue reading

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It’s a Little Bit Scary

It’s that slipping grip of fear that holds me down. What does that mean?  No idea, it just popped into my head and I liked the rhythm of it. Which is all just dodging the issue of what this is … Continue reading

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Oh! My Poor Liver! or, What I Did at Fantasycon 2011

So this weekend was my first ever Fantasycon.  I had been hearing about the convention for years through a friend who has been attending for a number of them but was always stuck on the South Coast while the drunken … Continue reading

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